Company Profile

Henan Signi Aluminum Co.,Ltd is located in Xin’an Country of Luoyang city in Henan, total area of about 400000 square meters, the existing staff of 760 people. young enterprise with high starting point. In 2007, the company invested more than 500 million yuan to build a modern high-tech industrial park with an area of nearly 400 thousand square meters. It has three 1650mm wide continuous casting rolling mills, a 1650mm wide hydraulic irreversible cold press, a 1550mm wide cold rolling mill, and three 1800mm wide automatic coating lines. Automation roll coating line, an automatic embossing production line, horizontal shear, longitudinal shear, bending straightening and straightening equipment, annual production and processing of aluminum sheet metal sheet capacity of more than 8 million tons, various types of roll painted aluminum roll 40 thousand tons. Reliable and stable equipment system, experienced management team, professional monitoring team, making the company products through the national construction material quality supervision and inspection center testing all qualified, and through the ISO9OOl: 2000 quality system certification and IS014000 environmental management system certification, the company's 1, 3, 8 series of light aluminum products widely used In the aluminum plastic plate panel, aluminum curtain wall board, aluminum curtain wall roof smallpox, edible bottle cap and other fields to meet the functional requirements of different products, the company's Polyester color aluminum, fluorocarbon aluminum, nano embossed aluminum, sanding and aluminum, imitation wood grain, imitation stone color aluminum, gold color, tea color, black a series of color mirror surface Aluminum has super weatherability and fine lacquer texture and even bright coloring and color. The quality of products reaches the advanced level of international similar products. It is especially suitable for large indoor and outdoor decoration projects such as roofing, curtain walls and ceiling ceiling.
Aluminium sublimation sheet is one of our main color coated product, which is based on 1060 pure aluminum coil, could be coated full range of colors
, and different surface finished, such as satin silver, satin gold, brushed silver, brushed gold and brushed copper, mirror gold, mirror silver, gloss white and matte white etc.
As professional aluminum sublimation sheet manufacturer, we shall guarantee you quality product, good price and high efficient service continuously.